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return on investments

Owners who use BIM can see a very high rate of ROI

Most of the trade doesn't appreciate the approach of utilization of advanced technology within the AEC industry. This is all due to higher implementation costs.…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 18, 2018

bim construction

Focused Strategies for a Sustainable Tomorrow with BIM Construction

Leverage the Future of Building with BIM Construction Advanced BIM construction design requires the perfect tools and technology to build sustainable design processes in the…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 11, 2018

Futuristic Construction Surveying with Point Clouds to BIM

Futuristic Construction Surveying with Point Clouds to BIM

Laser scanned data can be extremely valuable for scanning large areas quickly, and more effectively than before. It provides accurate data that can be integrated…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 5, 2018


Top 7 BIM Technologies Ready To Increase Construction Productivity

Today most of the Construction Industry is facing challenges with technology adoption to increase productivity in construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM), laser scanning, and virtual…

  •   By bimengus

  •   May 11, 2018