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  •   November 30, 2017

3D Laser Scanning And Point Cloud Modeling Services

You must be certainly familiar with the point cloud services and 3D Laser Scanning Services and its uses. The related tools and techniques used by building practitioners in the completion of the project. Well, those who are not aware of it, let me explain what exactly is Point Cloud Modeling Services and how 3D Laser Scanning Services is beneficial in construction.

Point cloud modeling services in AEC industry helps in developing the design of as-built buildings. Moreover, when it comes to their refurbishment and renovation process. In the current BIM scenario, there is more use of the 2D and 3D design development software. They help to establish 3D models for Architecture, Structure, and MEP. The tools not only help in enhancing the accuracy but also reduce rework at the time of actual construction.

With the introduction of 3D laser scanning services in BIM, making 3D BIM models and designs have become innovative, easier and faster. In 3D BIM point cloud services, an existing building gets a scan by using a laser. During the process, a collection of the set of points is utilized for generating 3D BIM models of the existing building.  The laser scan generated points forms a cloud in 3D. Anyone can get the location of these points from its specified vertices in the 3D system.

In BIM services, Point cloud laser scanning helps in getting as-built drawing of any newly developed building. Moreover, it allows the users in comparing as-built drawings and as-planned designs together. It further helps the user to quickly analyze if any modifications are necessary for the as-planned layout. So, the 3d laser scanning technique allows users in getting great 3D visualizations of any old construction.

The point cloud data collected by high-end laser scanners is given to the BIM modelers. They create advanced as-built models for architecture, structure, and MEP. The frequently used BIM tool by the building professionals for the execution of point cloud modeling services is Revit. Referring geometrical information is done in as-built models of Revit. They are also crucial for obtaining exact information regarding time and cost of the project.

Benefits of Point cloud Modeling Services & 3D Laser Scanning Services 

Benefits of BIM Point Cloud Modeling Services:

  • Precise 3D model creation of individual trades for renovation and refurbishment work from scan data. It allows more reliability and quality sureness.
  • It Improves transparency. And enhances communication with 3D visualization for faster decision making during the renovation phase.
  • Reduces RFI’s, work stoppage and rework by checking the accuracy and the perfection of the 3D model of scan data.
  • Time and money saving as there is no need to visit the actual site constantly.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services in BIM:

  • It caters detailed understandings. This technique helps to understand the Integration of entire structural and MEP components within a building.
  • Allows engineers to scan any existing structure and helps the associated members in making of 3D structural models.
  • Helps engineers in creating 3D Architectural models as well as helps in receiving a complete 3D Architectural Visualization.
  • Helps in getting a clear perception of how an old building will look after the renovation.

In the present scenario, the use of Point Cloud Services, as well as Laser scanning services, are rapidly enhancing across the AEC industry. It’s implementation results in obtaining as-built drawing of any residential building, historical site or corporate building renovation. Lasers help to track the Internal faults in the buildings. Thus, it helps in saving time and cost spent on the overall project. Therefore, 3d Laser Scanning Services and Point Cloud Modeling services are additionally becoming an integral part of the BIM services.

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