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  •   April 3, 2018

How Internet Of Things Reshape The Construction Industry


Construction industry always has a productivity problem. Most of the projects run overtime as well as over budget. Thus, the industry is relatively slower than others at adapting to modern changes. And yes, it costs companies in millions. Research says large projects are taking up to 20% longer to finish than scheduled  running up to 80% over budget. Is there any way to change the scenario? Other industries like manufacturing, have switched to the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other latest technologies to help uncover productivity growth. Why not could IoT be the key to construction then?

Internet Of Things (IoT) – What Exactly It Is?

Internet of Things also known as IoT is making rounds in the modern tech world since years. There many facts stating how IoT can make our homes, industries as well entire cities “Smart.” We are likely to witness the emergence of intelligent tools & technologies in the construction industry. Whereas, what will disrupt the industry is the use of IoT that can help improve the maintenance and repair of machinery as well as the construction vehicles.

Repair and maintenance is a thing that has a massive effect on the construction industry. Survey says proper equipment maintenance is one of the excellent ways companies can achieve most out of their investment. Whereas, the equipment downtime can sometimes lead to the shutdown of the complete project, costing thousands or millions of dollars.

IoT in construction
IoT in construction

Internet of Things in Construction Industry

On construction site, IoT enables companies to manage the problem of equipment downtime. IoT can surely help tracking assets, ensuring that they never get stolen or lost. The loosing or seizing of assets is mostly an issue on large-scale construction sites causing delays in productivity.

The use of IoT is proving valuable on construction sites like monitoring of equipment and repair. The sensors enable machinery to detect and communicate maintenance requirements. They also send automated alerts for preventive maintenance. Thus, increases efficiency by remotely monitoring fuel consumption. IoT helps businesses to make sure that their construction vehicles and machines are used for best possible times boosting on-site productivity.

For this technology to indeed disrupt the construction industry, it is necessary to back it up with some reliable connectivity. If an IoT device loses its connectivity and not able to send data in real time, then the tracking of assets or vehicles will witness a downfall.



According to research, labor productivity growth in the construction industry has averaged only 1% a year since past two decades as compare with the increase of 2.9% for the total world economy.

However, if construction industry can match the productivity growth of the overall economy, it would undoubtedly boost the sector’s value by adding about 2% to the global economy a year.

Internet of Things  will surely be a key ingredient in uncovering this productivity. It can ensure construction companies have access to real-time data. It will improve machine performance, undertake preventative maintenance, cut the downtime and repair the costs. By keeping an eye towards this approach, construction leaders can ensure their work is both productive, effective as well as future-proofed.

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