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  •   June 10, 2021

Top Tips to Partner with the right BIM service provider.

The global AEC industry is undergoing an encouraging shift in design, construction, prefabrication, and maintenance. Part of this innovation is owing to the adoption and evolution of Building Information Modeling or BIM. As BIM delivers potential opportunities and benefits for various stakeholders viz. architects, engineers, GC’s, fabricators, owners, and more. This saves on project budget costs and incurs time savings.

A few Revit BIM Modeling benefits are listed here

  • Cost and time savings based on clash detection at the earliest stages of the project lifecycle
  • Systemizing data for stakeholder accessibility and collaboration
  • Using BIM processes and technology to build 3D BIM models and extrapolate accurate time and cost based on 4D and 5D BIM at the macro and micro levels
  • Adopting 3D BIM models with a rich database for prefabrication and installation
  • Comprehensive onsite safety based on BIM processes and construction management software

If you’re looking at considering expert BIM outsourcing services for global projects, then this guide will help you find one

BIM expertise – significant expertise and experience are something that separates one BIM company from the rest. Ask the BIM service companies about the total number of projects they’ve completed on a global level. Adding value to a project in terms of cost and time is a key driver to select a BIM outsourcing partner. Complex projects need a high level of BIM expertise wherein they need to communicate and collaborate with various people and trades viz. architects, engineers, contractors, MEP specialists, and more.

Portfolio evaluation – To select a BIM partner, it is necessary to recognize patrons, previous clients, or a project portfolio that identifies potential in an AEC firm to execute unique construction projects based on BIM.

Feedback & Reference – Finding a BIM partner requires feedback from various AEC professionals or clients, it is also a good habit to perform reference checks wherein various qualities about a company can be known viz. BIM capability, professionalism, deadlines, and more.

Global Existence – Always look at global presence to select a BIM service provider. AEC companies with international project exposure can bring in higher expertise based on industry practices, new processes, robust documentation, enhanced collaboration, and more.

BIM Specialists – BIM experts are vital to execute BIM processes and build highly visual and information-rich 3D models using techniques and tools like Revit and Navisworks. Project owners can leverage high-quality renders or walkthroughs to understand project scope, schedules, costs, and more based on building codes, rules, etc.

Technology Usage – Technology usage is one of the most important factors as BIM depends on technology and tools like Revit, Navisworks, Bluebeam, BIM 360, and various other software to parametrically author 3D models, check them, coordinate, manage projects, and more. BIM engineering companies need to update their technology stack to garner greater business on a global level.

Wrapping it up 

Follow these instructions to select a top-notch BIM service provider on a global level. Making the right selection will save on time and project costs for owners and project stakeholders, and help garner positive deliverables and project outcomes.

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