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Point Cloud Scanning

Reasons Point Cloud Scanning in Construction improves model and project quality

Point Cloud Scanning has been termed as the next big thing in the AEC industry.  It has the ability to accurately capture, measure, and anticipate…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 19, 2018

Construction Management

Careful planning & project tracking through Construction Management

BIM creates a digital representation of the physical and operating characteristics of a project or facility through analysis, documentation, virtual model assessments and more. A…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 11, 2018

mep consultant

Significance of an MEP consultant within Engineering Companies

An MEP consultant, or MEP consulting services are vital individuals or services that create value for a project through expert guidance and insight over the…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 8, 2018

BIM Fabrication Services

BIM Fabrication Services deliver excellent payoff’s through tighter numbers

Accelerating and improving fabrication quality can be achieved through top-of-the-line BIM Fabrication Services in the production and implementation life-cycle. It has become important to integrate…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 5, 2018

Construction Takeoff

How Construction Takeoff can boost Engineering Value for your Projects

An accurate Construction Takeoff and cost-estimate through all the life-cycles or phases of the project can mitigate excessive building costs due to frequent modifications or…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 3, 2018

BIM Service

Engineering value of BIM service for Water Projects and Infrastructure

Online Intricacies for water projects and operational intensity require BIM service to offer greater BIM advantages for the water sector. The levels of BIM integration…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 2, 2018

MEP services

MEP Services are Inevitable for your Project Delivery

MEP Services are one of the most vital services that construction companies specialize in, wherein clients can leverage BIM challenges being solved for Architecture, Mechanical,…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 29, 2018

Preconstruction Services

Add Engineering Value to your Project through BIM Preconstruction Services

Overall project planning needs to be done in terms of thought, deeper insights, and improved collaboration.  This needs to be understood by various project participants…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 24, 2018

top 10 engineering companies in usa

Top 10 Engineering Companies in USA that Innovate BIM Construction

A paradigm shift in BIM has already transpired throughout the world. Most of the engineering companies in the United States have adapted to new technology…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 21, 2018

mep engineering firms

Construction Realization-Top marks for a BIM Execution Plan in MEP engineering Firms

A BIM execution plan (BxP) or Project Execution Plan (PxP) is a simple, yet powerful document that describes the integration of BIM, with complete details…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 21, 2018

Proactive construction quality management reduces rework

Investing in digital construction development will be staggering. It becomes a lot more easier once you understand that you just don’t ought to have it…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 20, 2018

return on investments

Owners who use BIM can see a very high rate of ROI

Most of the trade doesn't appreciate the approach of utilization of advanced technology within the AEC industry. This is all due to higher implementation costs.…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 18, 2018

facility management services

Construction processes are at an up-curve with BIM Facility Management Services

Facilities Management - A Definition People Should Know Facilities Management is all about collating & managing meticulous construction data. The integration of Information Technology with…

  •   By bimengus

  •   June 17, 2018


Top 7 BIM Technologies Ready To Increase Construction Productivity

Today most of the Construction Industry is facing challenges with technology adoption to increase productivity in construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM), laser scanning, and virtual…

  •   By bimengus

  •   May 11, 2018

Applications of IoT in Construction Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but the interconnection of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances. It also comprises of different things embedded with physics,…

  •   By bimengus

  •   May 7, 2018


Use of IoT And Sensor Technology In Construction Industry

Introduction Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology are robust and fast-growing technologies in the current construction sector. The ever-evolving building industry can undoubtedly reap…

  •   By bimengus

  •   May 3, 2018

Coordination Meeting


Building Information Modeling tools are helpful; however, if you cannot run effective, fruitful BIM meeting, the building team can never notice the advantages of a…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 29, 2018


What are Drones? An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), generally referred to as a drone, is an aircraft operated without a pilot aboard. UAVs come under…

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  •   April 23, 2018

construction productivity


Construction Productivity The rate at which any work is performed is termed “productivity.” It’s a magnitude relation of production output to what's needed to provide…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 18, 2018

Advantages of leed certification

Advantages of LEED Certification for Construction Organization

In the previous article, we have seen what exactly is meant by LEED Certification. It is the popular acronym on almost every construction professional's tongue.…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 17, 2018