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  •   November 25, 2017

3D Laser Scanning Services For Better Construction Output

3D Laser Scanning – Get to Know the Best Practices

The technology of 3D Laser Scanning has large utility in the construction sector. It helps to support building teams that gather tons of accurate and precise data in short duration. This scanning technology always is always useful for every stakeholder of the project and throughout its life-cycle.

Here are the best practices in 3D Laser Scanning

Analyzing the actual space where Laser Scanning needs

Examine the present condition of the structure/object where laser scanning services are going to take place. Details like the interior, exterior, demolished debris, constructed space, etc. are to be known.

3D Laser scanning services are performed after demolition to reduce cost as well as time-consuming. Laser scanning supports in performing field investigations in the necessary time, decreases repetition work and reduces delays in construction project.

Understand the usage of the Laser Scan Data-

The vital step for utilizing 3D laser scanning services is analyzing at which stage of the project this data is going to utilize.

Verifying the present condition, supporting the process of design documentation, coordinating the mechanical trades during the phases of construction, validating as-built structure after construction.

Understanding scope of the project-

You need to know the scope of the project. Value of laser scanning is not restricted to complex mechanical systems.

Clear, well-defined range and flexibility with the layout of the deliverable can produce value and opportunities at all levels of the project.

Educate your client on 3D laser scanning-

This technology is used to highly profound and accurate information in short duration in low-cost. Prior information about all the limitations must give to all the clients.

The three stages of the process such as gathering, registration of scan, and after processing/generation of the model. All the three processes make the technology functional, but there are conditions where only two processes can complete the task. The expert team can significantly handle the tasks.

You can make a good saving in the complete project with a strong plan and a good understanding of the technology. And laser scanning and BIM when used together reduces conflicts and clashes that may occur.

Analyze required deliverables-

The construction and design process uses many software’s throughout the process.

You need to align the layout of laser scan information with that of your customers’ demands and requirements.

Say, if the designer is working in Revit and you develop a CAD-based deliverable, then there are chances you may devalue your laser scanning services.

Most of the times, the 3D Laser Scanning services implementation in the task is to show their spaces to potential occupants and tenants. The use of digital models can change the marketing, leasing and the other post-construction processes.

Establish project survey before scanning-

Prior to actual 3D Laser Scanning, it’s better to perform project survey control. This helps in common project control or establishing the laser scan data.

Also helps to do additional scanning whenever required with the same coordinate system. It also assures accuracy in the scan based on the space and creates same work point for all contractors during the construction process.

Analyze available time to deliver the final product-

Every project work has fix time allotment. You need to be alert beforehand to get your laser scanning data ready before the time, to complete a task on deadline.

To understand whether you have sufficient time for laser scanning, first review the scope of the project. Then analyze the format of the delivery of the deliverables. Lastly, the area of scanning.

Gather more than required data-

Once you are aware of your own project scope, and related deliverables, the scanning captures more data. It helps if there are faults in the data that you collected, and now this additional information will cover the missing dots.  Even to avoid guesswork’s after the scan process, it’s better to have more data than required.


3D laser scanning services yield higher and better results once they use in the best way. Companies providing 3D laser scanning services seen the impacts of going by these best practices of 3D laser scanning, and so they follow it for precise and efficient results.


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