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  •   February 10, 2021

7 striking features of 360 imaging that help enhance a job site

Documentation is a crucial part of architecture and construction. Whether it’s documenting sites to check feasibility, or construction management, architects are unable to document the site accurately due to project timelines. 360 photos help enhance job site walkthroughs, assist in monitoring onsite changes, enhance safety, and mitigate legal action.

360 photo cameras capture everything and produce nicely connected photos with minimal post-processing. 360 imaging has helped construction professionals reduce the need for time-consuming workflows with a click of a button.360 cameras have helped increase project efficiency by reducing the number of photos from hundreds to a few.

Onsite scale and material palettes can be captured to build detailed models in Revit. 360 photos help capture every construction detail whilst 360 videos enable high-definition walkthroughs with a “look around” experience. Project stakeholders can use 360 images and videos in meetings and presentations to improve project clarity and better information confidence.

Based on a recent report by McKinsey, 98% of mega projects are challenged by cost overruns of 30% and 77% of these projects are 40% late at completion. 3600 photo documentation helps general contractors and owners save on budget, time, and achieve greater project margins.

Use cases of 360 photo documentation.

  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Construction Sites
  • Land development
  • Public buildings
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Real Estate

3 significant techniques to use 360 images on construction sites

Image CaptureEffective and efficient image capture of a job site based on projects, floors, rooms, date/time, etc.

Jobsite ViewView a job site in 360 from remote locations and document projects quickly and easily for photographic evidence.

Project ControlEquate 360 images side-by-side with BIM models. Track project progress with mark-ups, annotations, photo tags, etc.

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation predicts 360 cameras will surpass laser scanners as a popular documentation tool.

Transformational advantages of leveraging 360 images on job sites.

  • Save more on reduced onsite travel with better work verification, optimized change order creation, and management, and onsite risk mitigation
  • Augment project progress with 3600 photos categorized on location and time. Manage floor plans efficiently with comments and instructions
  • Stay on time and cost with quick and easy documentation workflows
  • Get access to complete documentation whenever required
  • Record and store every digital asset in a single point of truth
  • Build accurate and detailed handover documentation for approval and verification

More than 50% of the Top 100 general contractors in the US use reality capture solutions to document onsite conditions.

360 imaging for General Contractors

  • Jobsites become more efficient for General Contractors through connected project teams
  • Manage and schedule budgets efficiently by improving QA/QC processes, establish field conditions, and scale job sites

Mortensen saved 80% on onsite documentation and mitigated regular site visits with 3600 photo documentation.

360 imaging for Specialty Contractors

  • Substantiate work performed with high-quality visual proof
  • Coordinate Jobsite progress with everyone on the team
  • Document as-built conditions quickly to verify onsite progress

Skanska was able to reduce photo documentation time by 50% with 360 photos. It served as a critical deliverable for various project stakeholders viz. architects, general contractors, and owners.

360 imaging for Owners

  • Get access to quick project status and save countless onsite trips
  • Connect every stakeholder and user on the same page for sustainable project deliverables
  • Enhance Jobsite transparency using 360 photos categorized by time and location
  • Solve costly and time-consuming conflicts through complete stakeholder coordination and collaboration
  • Validate project completion and handover for better Facilities Management

Challenges in traditional and silo photo capture, view, and control.

  • Slow project turnaround
  • Outdated project photos
  • Inaccurate or incomplete details
  • Waste of project resources
  • Inaccessible project photos due to an unorganized folder or file structure

Mace realized significant benefits in terms of quality, safety, and other benefits using 3600 photo documentation. Project stakeholders were able to gain a clear perspective on site progress from remote locations. It also helped them save on documentation time by 50%

Here we list out 7 features to enhance construction documentation and progress.

  • Capture the complete view and perspective with 360 photos and build a rich visual dataset to document a project
  • Document construction with high-end 360 cameras and upload them with floor plans, documents, reports, etc. using cloud-based software. Markup and annotate photos to add greater context for stakeholders to make informed calls
  • Geo-tagging photos to locations and viewing them through a map view to understand specific component locations
  • Streamline onsite inspections with 360 drone photography and mitigate Jobsite risks
  • Build virtual walkthroughs for VR – related presentations to save on cost and time and enhance onsite safety
  • Bring in better business avenues with high-quality construction imagery
  • 360 photos play an essential role in the handover process, and it helps make a lasting impression through organized accessibility and searchability


Looking at complex onsite construction in 360 with easy capture, view, and control helps the project stay on schedule and budget. Various stakeholders can leverage this technology to enhance construction project management.

BIMENGUS delivers top-notch 3600 imagery services to track job site progress, save budget and time, enable high-quality documentation, and more. The integration of iFLens360 for construction projects helps store, view, and control photos through floor plans, better documentation, and recording, annotation, mark-ups, etc.

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