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  •   February 1, 2021

Learn why 360 photo documentation is crucial for General Contractors and Developers.

If you’re a General Contractor or Developer and looking at simplifying and making construction effective and efficient, you need to dial in for 360 photo documentation. Documenting your site with 360 photos will layout significant benefits for every aspect of your project.

From bids to a close-out, general contractors and developers can leverage praise-worthy deliverables for their clients. Enhancing site documentation should be one service that you should not miss out on. Here are six ways photo documentation services at BIMENGUS can enhance your project cost, time, and deliverables.

Significant reduction in project rework.

Performing rework can be time and cost consuming. With 360 documentation, general contractors and developers can reduce rework. The capability to resolve conflicts in the field before a close in can significantly augment project performance and progress. For example, 360 rough-in photos can help general contractors and subcontractors install drain pipes behind casework by exactly identifying the location of the pipe. The ability to leverage 360 photo documentation enables projects to move forward without taking a step back.

Project transparency for all teams and stakeholders.

From general contractors to sub-contractors, and developers, various stakeholders hold different priorities. Aligning responsibilities and schedules can be a challenge, consequently, 360 photo documentation assists GC’s, developers, etc. with the ability to track project progress and a clear understanding.

Risk management based on quick issue identification and addressal.

With comprehensive 360 site documentation, it is easy to leverage existing and planned activities. 360 photos help general contractors and sub-contractors track job site safety, and minimize onsite risks. Addressing these risks keeps your team safe. Furthermore, in times of disaster, insurance claims can be handled effectively and efficiently by taking 360 photos of the site before and after a crisis.

Mitigate time delays with proactive project tracking and insights.

If you’re spending more time with onsite visits, it could lead to greater costs, poor collaboration, and unproductive time usage. General contractors and sub-contractors spend a lot of their time submitting or answering RFI’s, this can create excess work and prove to be unproductive as well. Robust 360 timelines enhance communication between various trades and reduce the need for unrequired site visits or RFI’s. This clears up a lot of low-level work and helps general contractors and developers concentrate on high-level tasks.

Present owners or clients with a great project experience.

Having a process in place with the presence of 360 photos helps general contractors and developers create an effective and impressive presentation for owners. Easy access to photos integrated with 2D drawings enables helps stakeholders to influence a better and transparent view of the project.

Leverage foresight to visualize better and plan.

Construction projects can face unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, a complete set of 360 photo documentation assists GC’s and developers with greater visualization. The ability to see what might have been left out “ behind walls” delivers a crucial advantage to identify and address issues accurately and quickly. General contracting companies can adopt 360 documentation to influence foresight and visualization.


Considering the above advantages, BIMENGUS assists general contractors and developers with end-to-end 360 documentation.  State-of-the-art 360 documentation helps gain actionable insights, manage risks, create and access O & M manuals, and leverage side-by-side comparisons. Save significant amounts of money and time in the field through innovative 360 job site documentation services.

Interested in outsourcing 360 onsite documentation services with BIMENGUS to level your job site?

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