Category: Laser Scanning

8 essential aspects to commission successful laser surveys

Is there a project in the pipeline to commission Point Cloud Surveys to build a highly accurate and detailed 3D model? This blog focuses on…

  •   By bimengus

  •   July 2, 2021

A guide for general contractors to use laser scanning

Reality capture with Laser Scanning or also called High Definition Surveying (HDS) captures the entire detail of a construction project, right down to every pixel.…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 7, 2021

Leverage undeniable construction visibility and control with laser-scanning deployed for demanding projects.

Laser scanning has been a pivotal tool to achieve sustained construction wins for contractors and owners. The need to “identify construction problems before they do…

  •   By bimengus

  •   March 23, 2021