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  •   July 2, 2021

A brief guide on BIM Construction Management Processes.

A BIM construction project is based upon construction management or construction project management. Thus, a construction project manager needs to attain a plethora of competencies and skills to conduct a project and achieve robust communication and collaboration. Whilst moving through a construction project lifecycle, many alterations come along the way, but the key to efficient project management is stability

What is the definition of project management?

BIM projects can be highly complex, and thus it requires defined construction project management wherein the entire stakeholders move in the right direction, conforms to building regulations, and supervise the project through enhanced collaboration – from start to finish or from – 2D, 3D modeling to onsite construction and facility management.

The true goal of construction management lies with clients being satisfied with the entire project in terms of cost and budget. Every construction project is or can be classified into residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure, and more.

Construction Management Firms or BIM Construction Management Firms are closely connected budget, time, and execution, and it also takes a lot of communication or collaboration between project stakeholders viz. Architects, Subcontractors, Fabricators, etc.

So, what are BIM Construction Management Services?

Construction management services or firms are responsible for budgeting, coordinating, planning, and supervision. Construction managers supervise projects from start to end viz.

  • Prepare and negotiate budgets or cost estimates
  • Prepare work schedules
  • Select the most efficient construction strategy
  • Collaborate with others in terms of technical details
  • Monitor personnel onsite
  • Communicate or collaborate with other third parties

Best construction project management companies or services use fundamental principles to execute a construction project.  The process can be quite complicated and thus requires a few steps that need to be followed viz. Construction Management Companies in the US or in general begin with the simplest process of bidding.

There are two kinds of bids viz. open and closed. An open bid is open for all companies or contractors and is promoted openly, whilst a closed bid is a private bid, wherein the owner sends an invitation to selected parties.

The bid selection is based on 3 selection methods viz.

Lowest-bid – selecting a bid based on the cost

Best Value – selecting a bid based on quality and price

Qualifications – selecting a bid based on previous experience or qualifications

There are various kinds of contract types viz.

Lump-Sum – Construction management firms consider this method as the most popular type of contract. This includes proposing costs for the entire project.

Unit Price – When a decision cannot be made on the total cost of the project, owners use this method to work with the unit price of each material or service.

The other two contract types include guaranteed maximum price and cost plus fee.

What is the Construction Project Management Process?

Initiate a Project

This is the first phase of the project that determines its feasibility in terms of its cost and budget.  If the project is feasible, a project initiation document can be created. It provides the initial groundwork for the construction process, and it is the most vital aspect of BIM construction project management services or firms.

Plan a Project

In the project planning phase, the construction management team segregates the work that needs to be done and runs the numbers for the time, cost, and resources for the project. This can be defined as the scope of the project. This can be defined by the parameter – Work Breakdown Structure or WBS. As soon as the planning is done, the team moves to the execution phase.

Execute a project

In the execution phase, the construction management manager monitors each team and its responsibility to maintain control of the project from start to onsite construction.

Project Closing

This is the final stage of the project wherein the construction project manager creates an official completion report and also prepares a budget of the tasks that have remained unfinished that need funding and resources.

To Summarize

There are various aspects of construction project management project scheduling, cost estimation, legal issues, etc. BIM construction management firms put together a robust project plan with various parameters that can be analyzed. BIM construction management companies in the US use software like Oracle Primavera, Trello, Gantt PRO, BIM 360, etc. to plan and execute projects based on cost and time.

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