Fabrication and Spooling Services

Isometric drawings, Plumbing drawings, CNC machines, fabrication help in BIM technology. Formulating an assembly for fabrication is not easy. It takes time and precision. As a result of the changing market dynamics, fabricators are utilizing more sophisticated technologies. This rather helps to boost the overall productivity and minimize waste. There is good use of CNC machine as it follows the standards provided to it and works accordingly.  Isometric drawing is about drawing somethings in 3D view. BIM technology facilitates the design to fabrication seamlessly with its budding software plugins and support.

The full potential of BIM technology is utilized when a model is built and coordinated from fabrication standpoint taking inputs of all involved trades. Inputs from our client fabrication companies helps us to craft our fabrication drawing production services in an impactful manner. Their team of fabricators have supervised our work over the years. This helps us to understand as well as create more accurate work. Drawings right from fabrication drawing, isometric drawings, piping & plumbing drawings from the fabrication shop viewpoint than from a design viewpoint.

In our company, we create BIM models that can produce digital files that can talk to the fabricators CNC machines. We have our designed software plug in that allows us to effectively create a fabrication model from the design documents.

Watch this interesting video below to understand this plugin:

We facilitate our clients with most accurate pre-fabrication spooling drawings, installation shop drawings along with field installation shop drawings.

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