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Take Off Services proves to be significant in the BIM process. Accurate quantification of building components is an important part of a construction project. It is the backbone of the pre-construction process. Over the years many technologies have come forth offering material takeoffs, quantity takeoffs, and estimation products. They also have become sophisticated year after year. However, the challenge remains with the amount of time spent in estimating quantities as well as in the accuracy of the counts.

The 2D drawings can only provide you so much information, and thus the limitations of using such technology can hinder the experience and performance of the estimator using them. The estimator should know various disciplines well enough to understand what unique challenges each discipline offers. Also, the Estimator needs to have enough experience to understand the challenges of unknown variable in the 2D drawings

A 3D BIM model based Take Off Services offers an advanced step forward from regular 2D quantity takeoff software technology. A BIM model serves as the real view of the proposed building, and therefore, the measuring quantities are fact-based actual quantities that the project will need. The BIM model reduces the time in material take off by providing instant results.

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Our 3D model’s based quantity Take Off Services act as a visual audit tool. It can provide greater accuracy in the material take-offs allowing our clients to budget their project with greater precision. The ease of finding itemized quantities of materials needed increases overall project’s productivity by 80 to 90 %. We at BIM Engineering U.S.  collaborate with our clients in assessing the quantities through analysis of data from a model. This helps our clients to perform a comparative analysis of their materials, thus utilizing the value of a BIM model.

At BIM Engineering U.S. we not only provide exact quantification of material take off, construction take off, but also inform scheduling and help to identify key leads items facilitating productive planning and execution of your project.


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