•   By bimengus
  •   July 6, 2022

Resource Augmentation: A framework that ensures smooth project continuity for AEC firms.

As construction projects advance through various building phases viz. planning, design, and construction, they require exceptional team expertise to ensure project success. However, AEC firms face staffing challenges on account of greater infrastructure and hiring costs, employee liabilities, and employee training. The evolution in the AEC sector through cloud-based apps, video collaboration, and remote working has opened doors to a larger talent pool. Creating development centers offshore drives improved realignment of organizational framework and lower cost overheads.

Resource augmentation services (RAS) for Architectural Modeling, Structural Modeling, MEP modeling, clash detection, laser scanning, and 360 reality capture on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis with resource loading or acquisition ensure firms lay greater focus on their project.

AEC firms come across staffing problems during staff transition or the need for a quick ramp-up. Understanding the demands of construction projects with RAS eliminates excessive cost overages, project delays, and administrative overheads that come up with training and hiring new employees. BIMe offers AEC firms a scalable and cost-efficient RAS framework to lower project costs, mitigate delays, and produce high-quality outcomes.

As one of the fastest-growing BIM firms and RAS consultants in the United States, BIMe provides critical support through the entire planning, design, and construction lifecycle.

We ensure you have the expertise to rapidly scale project demands.

Whether you require value-added resources to augment your construction project or need an entire team for the entire duration, BIMe can augment your AEC firm in the following capacities –

  • Construction management
  • Evaluate risks
  • Review constructability
  • BIM modeling
  • Assessing productivity
  • Construction estimating
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Analyze claims

Finance plays a critical role in project decision-making when it comes to staff loading or augmentation. Greater cost overages burden a project and AEC firms. BIMe ensures these cost overages are lowered with a RAS framework from BIMe. The top benefits of partnering with us to augment resources include,

  • Zero investment required
  • Managed resource hiring
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly framework
  • On-demand scaling
  • Competitive pricing model

BIMe USPs for Resource Augmentation Services (RAS).

  • Higher Technical Advantage
  • Reliable Autodesk Partnerships
  • Flexible engagement models enriched with scalable resources
  • Centralized location in the US
  • Skilled and on-demand resources
  • Office extension for onshore and offshore needs
  • High-quality and global references

BIM construction management is reinforced with technology and transparency.

  • iFieldSmart construction management tool for project management
  • Track project status at any project milestone
  • Expedite the project as and when needere
  • Quick and accurate billing through precise hour calculation and resource utilization
  • Teams can communicate and collaborate on project tasks
  • Identification and resolution of risks
  • Quick and accurate project planning and scheduling
  • Precise manpower utilization and hour calculation for the project
  • Improved management of project scope

Process and Quality Improvement.

Our capabilities make sure the model geometry is created with accurate LOD, precise location, and a clash-free and compliant system.

  • Establishing workflows and best practices
  • Model approval, saving, and sharing
  • Producing model audits based on a pre-established checklist
  • Validating design using pre-defined parameters
  • Enforce organizational QC standards
  • Long-term resource engagement enriched with the adoption of QC checklists
  • Trained resources well experienced with existing AEC norms
  • Process refinement and improvement on a perpetual basis

Resource Augmentation Services features from BIMe.

  • Mitigated hiring hassles
  • Extended or dedicated project teams
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly RAS model
  • Quick resource Ramp-up
  • Improved data security
  • Strong training model
  • Simplified accounting with improved financial transparency
  • Greater productivity levels reinforced with reduced operating costs


RAS can economize your project costs within the AEC industry. Firms can leverage a strong RAS model to achieve a competitive advantage and a larger talent pool. We can help you achieve long-term project dividends with lower infrastructure costs, lower overhead, quick turnaround, low-cost buffer, and industry-ready professionals. Contact our team to augment your team and ensure a successful construction project.

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