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  •   January 4, 2018

Big Data in construction market data and its benefits

Big data in construction market data is created and will continue to create in the future to come. This information is vast and varied in its scope. The sources to get big data in construction can be any either computer, sensors, machines, people or any other source that generates information.

Big data in construction consists of the entire past, present, and future data of construction activities. This, makes it clear, how big the data would be, and it will keep on getting bigger. The distinctive sources to get construction market data are material supply chains, workers, cranes, earth movers etc.

Big Data in Construction market data and conventional data

Earlier conventional techniques used for recording of necessary information for CAD designs, project schedules, costs, employee details, and invoices. But they show limitations to work with unmanaged data such as printed information, free text, or analog sensor readings.

The concept of harnessing big data is to gather information. And helps in informed decision making in construction planning and management by accessing the relevant data to arrive at proper construction results. Big data in construction about construction materials suggests the way to use it.

Big Data In Construction market data – it’s Utilization

The life-cycle of the construction from design, build, and operate makes understanding of the utilization of construction big data easier.

Construction Design:

Big data on project design its modeling, environmental information, and activities of stakeholders and media debates. And it also helps to analyze the way to build and at which location. It is used in construction projects to come out to clear conclusions as to what to do and how. Big data in construction comprising of old projects helps to analyze and understand the possibilities of future risks that may arouse. And once you know the future possibilities then it’s easier to avoid it.


Data is required for maximum phase of the construction work either it may be weather, climate, traffic, business activity, or community. The sensors record the activities performed on the machine. That helps in checking the activeness of the workers. It is even helpful to understand the efficient utilization of fuel to decrease spending and its environmental effects. Known geolocation of instruments helps to get better logistics. Get information about the future needs of the spare parts.  Furthermore, it also avoids wastage of time due to disruptions.


Sensors fitted in the buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc. helps in gathering  of the big data. All the Information regarding the traffic and its corresponding impact on constructions is recorded and stored.  This information also helps to keep a check on the condition of these constructions. The design of the project is the basis to check the consumption. As well as conservation of energy for the building.  However, the entire data available from various sources helps in effective maintenance activity.

As data extends regularly,  likewise the need to convert it into useful data gets essential too. A survey on construction industries reveals following details on big data in construction.

  • Around 57% of the construction companies need regular and updated information on project and finance requirements.
  • Nearly, 48% require data for caution to deal with situations.
  • Around 41% require information for forecasting to avoid the future accidents.
  • And nearly, 14% require online analytics to know the factors that impact on profitability and to what extent.

Enlisted below are some benefits of big data in construction:

  • Not only it is useful for early detection of risks,  but also to avoid the chances of its occurrence.
  • The entire performance of the organization gets readily available.
  • Well-planned strategic marketing relevant as per the project requirements is essential.
  • Enhanced Decision-making
  • Data not only get available but also becomes accessible.

Analytics on big data in construction comprises of all these facets. Status report coupled with forecasting gets available with the distinctive big data. The big data analytics offers awareness on the possible dangers beforehand. Furthermore, they fill the gap that conventional construction market data had.

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