Clash DetectionClash Detection

What is a ‘Clash’ and ‘Clash Detection’?

Before getting to what is Clash Detection, let’s understand what exactly a Clash is?

A Clash happens once components of various models occupy the same area. A Clash is also geometric (for example, pipes passing through walls), schedule based mostly or changes/updates not created to drawings.

Image Source: Luttec AEC & BIM Solutions (Clash Detection in Construction Industry
Image Source: Luttec AEC & BIM Solutions (Clash Detection in Construction Industry)

Clash detection could be a part of BIM modeling style package, however separate, additional advanced programs conjointly exist. These refined clash detection tools will integrate models from various package platforms employed by associate designer, structural engineer, and HVAC authority.

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BIM in Clash Detection:

Implementing BIM reports you with clash detection well before the time, preventing any delays and price overruns. Because the construction method payoff, entirely different stakeholders contribute their own style and layout models. Typically, these altogether different models contain many overlapping parts or “clashes” which require resolution for the further development.

Using BIM, precise 3D models are designed so coordinated with alternative disciplines, and clashes are detected well before the beginning of the development. This helps in scissoring down project delays and also avoids price overruns. As construction progresses, the amount of detail within the model will increase, and clash tests are re-run. Entirely different models contain many overlapping parts or “clashes” resolved for the development to proceed.

For instance, clash detection will notify you if the HVAC ducts will clash with the structural beam framing once doing a clash analysis of the models. This protects any prices that will have otherwise gone towards demolition of incompatible parts, extra procurance of redesigned parts or regeneration of drawings.

Necessary steps to carry out Clash Detection:

  • Choosing the acceptable software: Such a significant amount of software modifies to sight partial clashes such as Navisworks, Solibri, Tekla Structure. You’ve got to clarify quality of the project to decide on the foremost appropriate one.
  • Identify project stage: Style or construction. Actually that, the drawings remain incomplete and meets several clashes. Thus, it prices time and cash to run clash detection by code, during this stage, we’ve solely to ascertain the most important system to confirm building’s engineering. Until construction stage, clash detection is primarily necessary to manage and management well all of the recent and existing problems with the project, guarantee to satisfy contract schedule.
  • Do style review or clashes detection
  • Identify to use an automotive or manual report
  • Identify the foundations of priority system and therefore the definition of a clash:  The costlier system is that, the higher priority. With this rule, the order of religious residence during an ascendible project will be: busway, drain pipe slope, pressure line.

Modeling Authoring:

  • Divide model floor by floor that facilitates to spot grid location simply
  • Divide double by double disciplines to envision
  • Compliance naming convention of clashes to exchange knowledge simply
  • Define strategy of mistreatment automatic parameters of manual manage components


Clash detection helps in the identification, scrutiny, and news of interferences throughout a project model. It’s used for checking completed/ongoing work and reduces the danger of human error throughout model inspections.

Clash detection is critical as a result of many models (structural, MEP, etc.)  integrated into one central BIM model. With clash detection, mistakes that commonly are discovered on the positioning will currently be seen in the workplace even before anyone sets foot on the positioning.

BIM even makes clash detection potential for objects at intervals objects (a steel rod fully immersed within a concrete wall).

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