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BIM creates a digital representation of the physical and operating characteristics of a project or facility through analysis, documentation, virtual model assessments and more. A model can generate various iterations, until an efficient model is perfected and built. This virtual model encompasses a virtual database or a repository for further perusal, editing, updating, and more. All the documents or resources can be accessed by various stakeholders and team members in the project. A construction management firm would deploy a construction manager to improve efficiency for BIM based projects.

Let’s introduce Construction Management

Construction Management engages excellent use of scope of work, available project funds, delay mitigation, clash disputes, design & construction quality, contracting, and more. Thus it all boils down to ” Effective Construction Information”. A construction manager is appointed for a specific project, their roles and responsibilities are quite intensive in terms of accessing necessary information, attending meetings, studying blueprints, generating performance reports, & more. Information technology coupled with construction skill-sets makes it easier for construction managers to provide and access vital information & monitor processes under optimum conditions. The most sought over IT – construction product is Building Information Modeling(BIM), wherein digital volumes or stacks of a project are created, evaluated. and assessed virtually. Construction Management Companies use BIM as a process wherein a 3D representation of a building is integrated with robust management for speed, accuracy through sophisticated hardware and cloud based technology.

Streamlined cash flow with Budget Management

Cash flow comprises of various project related costs in the practice of building technology, construction project management. Managing cash flow can substantially reduce production costs, and construction managers need to take responsibility for confirmation, generation, tracking, reports, and quantify cost from the early stage to the construction phase. A phase budget is generated by construction management firms after bids are received, as the project moves forward, various payments to stakeholders, budget costs, and more are accounted with precise calculations in detail. It is always better for construction project management companies to quantify and estimate precise costs to generate bill of quantities. Once a cost estimation has been made, further updates can  be automated through the software program across the complete life-cycle. BIM as a powerful tool or process can integrate, structural designs, project and budget for a predicted cash flow in 5D processes.

Budget Management- Source- Pixabay
Budget Management- Source- Pixabay

Construction Management boosts Contract Management

Construction Managers or Construction Management Companies includes the presence of contracts and provisions in the project cycle. They need to make sure all the necessary information in terms of performance analysis and contract templates are adhered to in terms of administrative and legal responsibilities. Informed data sharing through BIM creates a new dimension for various project deliverables. If there are multiple contractors, then it is the responsibility of the construction manager to monitor administrative and operational decisions.          

Contract Management - Image Source- pixabay
Contract Management – Image Source- pixabay

Stay Informed with Information Management

The role of construction management firms also includes documentation, collections, and security of project related information. Information is significantly collated through multiple contracts, and it keeps increasing with  every level of construction management. BIM can significantly improve information management with a huge database repository, wherein it behaves like a cloud information backbone for digital documents to be accessed globally by various team members, owners, and stakeholders.

 Information Management- Image Source- PixabayInformation Management- Image Source- Pixabay

 Increase Efficiency with Project Management        

The role of project manager includes taking care of the operational side of project delivery for creating, analyzing, developing, coordinating and deploying the necessary elements from scratch to construction.  The role of construction management or construction managers is mitigating BIM model errors at a very early stage, and coordinate all the work through various departments of the building ecosystem – this is achieved by applying precise data stacks to 3D modeling components.

Efficiency with project Management- Source- Pixabay
Efficiency with project Management- Source- Pixabay

Closing text

The future of construction design relies heavily on construction management and BIM. The integration of these two has substantially dropped in new technology, roles, responsibilities, and innovation in contrast to legacy building methods. Construction managers need to be familiarized with new tools and processes through extensive use of BIM models.

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