The adoption of digital twins will continue to unlock digital workflows for various construction projects. Reality capture serves as a great tool with complete digital transformation for projects that lack complete project documentation, challenging site visits & onsite progress tracking, inaccurate surveying, design & planning flaws, incomplete O & M manuals, etc. Reality capture tools enable key stakeholders like architects, general contractors, and developers to visualize the present, and what needs to be perceived next with pinpoint accuracy. BIMe provides end-to-end services & tools to document every building component and compare it with point clouds and 3D BIM models. Instead of looking through outdated field documents or 2D plans, project stakeholders can leverage real-time conditions and visualization.

New construction, facilities management, and renovation projects are frequently bottled up by insufficient and inaccurate field data. 3D Laser Scanning integrated with accurate site documentation enables architects, contractors, engineers, and facilities managers to realize challenging projects. BIMe delivers comprehensive and accurate data visualization to connect 2D plans & point cloud models with photo documentation, manage project risks by documentation as-built conditions, link RFI’s to point clouds, and more.

Complex and large-scale construction projects demand a connected process and technology ecosystem that connects Point Cloud deliverables, BIM applications, and onsite data. Mere 3D laser scanning solutions and services aren’t cutting it, and require added layers of data collection, analysis, and presentation tools to connect tie-in-points. BIMe gives designers and engineers the power to visualize constructability, locate accurate model geometry, streamline reviews, and facilitate an interference-free installation.

Challenges in accuracy and design without Reality Capture.

  • Thermal changes on the site due to temperature changes
  • Presence of structural issues that include buckling, bowing, or deflection
  • Incorrect installation of various MEP components and equipment
  • Inaccurate mapping of hidden site components
  • Inability to capture site changes or perform measurements for earthwork
  • Higher project risks leading to cost and time overruns
  • Greater project delays due to costly onsite rework
  • Lack of job site intelligence leading to wrong decisions

Capture the digital copy of the facility.

The state of documenting and surveying has accuracy, time, and cost limitations. Despite such tediousness, key players find it challenging to receive accurate and complete visual data points. This could run into design flaws, project delays, construction rework, and expensive change orders. Limitations of accuracy include incomplete coverage of visual data points, 3D models with inadequate As-Built data, inconsistent surveys, absence of predictive intelligence, etc. Documenting onsite conditions can become cost-prohibitive due to the cost of professional surveys, unforeseen costs due to multiple inspections, and insufficient capture of existing conditions.

Reality Capture tools create a precise and high-resolution 3D copy of a given renovation project. Registered laser scans converted to models are finely detailed that capture accurate and complete as-built conditions. BIMe’s reality capture solutions are viewable on various devices through a web browser, enabling remote walkthroughs, construction photos, 2D drawings,, and more. With accuracy down to a fraction of an inch, As-Builts can be verified and updated for better progress tracking and construction management. These tools are valuable to capture project performance, pre-close-in inspections, issue tracking, create effective and efficient RFI’s, and more.

Reality Capture is transforming Design and Construction.   

The power of Reality Capture helps scan the interior and exterior of a renovation project into digital deliverables. It helps architects, engineers, and general contractors assess structural risks and ensure inspections are carried out accurately, completely, and safely. Construction companies that include BIM as a core solution use the power of Reality Capture to deliver As-Built drawings, verify exact site conditions, and sustain construction.

Laser scanning done correctly is very accurate and efficient. Conversion of these laser scans to 3D models provides Architects and Engineers with unmatched visualization of a given facility. Integrating advanced construction management tools that include analyzing construction photographs with a side-by-side comparison of 3D models overlapped on laser scans.

BIMe works with various clients and on a myriad of projects that require Reality Capture tools to document accurate and complete As-Built conditions. With years of onsite experience in BIM construction management, and the use of disruptive technology, BIMe delivers comprehensive Reality Capture solutions for –

  • Onsite project tracking through a timeline of progress pictures
  • Creation and download of O & M manuals
  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Predictive intelligence and consulting for As-Built conditions
  • Handover inspections for a smooth close-out
  • Integration of proprietary construction management tools for issue tracking, creating RFI’s, punch list issues, etc.
  • Onsite photographs in 360 to link 2D plans and 3D models to high-resolution construction photographs
  • Lower project quality due to the absence of BIM-based workflows and tools


The value of Reality Capture isn’t restricted to a single department, trade, or team but covers the entire project lifecycle. Laser scanning integrated with BIM authoring and modern construction management tools delivers value that quadruples to receive a higher ROI and make informed decisions for your project. If you find yourself surrounded by questions that put you in a challenging spot, it’s time to leverage Reality Capture processes and tools that provide the right set of solutions.

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