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  •   March 2, 2018

Requirement for a Wise & Smart Jr. Commissioning Agent

BIM Engineering U.S. LLC is exploring an appropriate professional with great enthusiasm for working in the AEC industry sector for helping commissioning services.

This role shall be a vital member of our widening our commissioning department, and significant responsibility will be supporting Jr. Commissioning Agent. The selected candidate will show the skill to perform the following duties with the individual and technical skills described below that will help the person excel at the organization.

Primary Responsibilities of a Jr. Commissioning Agent Include:

Jr. Commissioning Agent is accountable for managing the transformation of new building services from the development stage to the manufacturing phase during the development of new buildings and the founding of latest or replacement methods.

Following are the essential functions of a Jr. Commissioning Agent-

  • Operating with A/E and contractor units while commissioning of modern systems or structures.
  • Analysis of proposed new establishments during initial project design.
  • Administration of basic maintenance replacements, or renovation.
  • Coordinate any task with other amenities’ supervisors and component installation systems.
  • Documenting unit’s activities with the management of facilities and computer-aided management system.
  • Assist as a patron for examination and development of difficulties with systems.
  • Manage designated staff and contractors who support the commissioning method. It involves services such as training workers, evaluation and improving crew systems to ensure sufficient utilization of supplies.
  • Grow and maintain commissioning documents, supported operation measures, and devices’ checklists.
  • Define, assess and promote the Owner Training Plan which, the manufacturer/contractor will give.
  • Review program standards: blueprints, designs, etc. with Q/C attitude.
  • Develop and administer pre-working practical tests of MEP classifications

 Required Education of a Jr. Commissioning Agent:

BS degree and 0-4 years of experience in a Commissioning role would be great.

Employment Status:

Full Time/Part time

Job Function: 


Who May Apply?

The native citizen of the United States of America or having a legal & lawful permission of working & living in the United States of America is suitable for this job application.

Send your resume  – hr@bimengus.com
Apply Here – http://bimengus.com/career

Apply here through LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/568175346/

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