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Building a High-Impact AEC Technology Pack

The adoption of technology for the construction sector has created a significant impact. It has come a long-way since the past 2 decades, and it…

  •   By bimengus

  •   February 19, 2020


Use of IoT And Sensor Technology In Construction Industry

Introduction Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology are robust and fast-growing technologies in the current construction sector. The ever-evolving building industry can undoubtedly reap…

  •   By bimengus

  •   May 3, 2018


Holomeeting: Modern Tool For Collaborative Design

Introduction The advent of Virtual reality, Augmented reality¬† as well as Mixed Reality, are marking its presence in construction as advancements in digital transformation. The…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 3, 2018

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Architecture and Construction

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are one of the top 10 BIM trends which are going to flourish more in 2018. Also, these two…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 2, 2018