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  •   April 3, 2018

Holomeeting: Modern Tool For Collaborative Design


The advent of Virtual reality, Augmented reality  as well as Mixed Reality, are marking its presence in construction as advancements in digital transformation. The introduction of this technology will undoubtedly change the scenario in the construction industry. Meetings are an integral part of Construction work. The team uses numerous remote meeting tools for communication. Here, we present HoloMeeting!  An exclusive remote meeting tool that can support the collaborative design which is equally essential as BIM.

With the introduction of HoloLens a few years back, the owners got a chance to explore a unique new dimension for the creative working process. Fast forward to today and the numerous possibilities triggered by extraordinary technologies like Augmented reality are in use today. For the building and construction industry, across all phases right from initial design to ongoing building maintenance and repair, the technologies have positive real-life implications that could outstandingly disrupt the industry.

Before we jump on HoloMeeting tool, let’s see what Virtual Augmented and Mixed reality are.

Virtual, Augmented, Mixed?

Are you aware of Mixed Reality? Let’s discover what it is and how it can benefit the construction industry. There are numerous immersive technologies in the market including augmented reality and virtual reality which not only creates confusion but can also create chaos and misunderstandings about their use in commercial perspective.

Augmented Reality

It is a type of virtual augmentation that is uninformed by real-world data in any way and instead it uses Geo place markers to allow data to float against its real-world location. Smartphones as well as tablets nowadays uses Augmented reality.

The technology thus has a broad exposure in consumer and industry arena. The most famous example of Augmented reality is the Pokémon Go App which created boom all across the globe.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality tech most popular nowadays. The virtual reality helmet and goggles are famous. Using these, the users get fully immersed in a virtual world where every facet has been presented digitally. Currently, the virtual headsets are gaining a lot of momentum and are proving useful for training purposes especially within the construction industry and gaming industry as well.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the intersection between augmented reality and virtual reality where real-world positional data inform every virtual presence. The best examples are Hologram. Using transparent smart goggles or helmet, the user can easily see holograms placed within their actual environment. The computing is done via the headsets itself, and thus, their remote access is possible. Mixed reality can widely use for commercial and industrial purpose.

Appealing, Hands-Free And Adaptable

The current industry is making use of augmented as well as virtual reality at its best. But, still, there are some technical limitations which have hindered their use in industry. For augmented reality, it is the inability of real-world positioning and the physical screen limitations of mobiles as well as tablets. For virtual reality, it is the restricted or tethered nature of headsets that holds the technology back. There are more viable commercial and industrial uses for both AR and VR technologies. However, when it comes to adoption of these technologies in remote support, design and collaborative support- it is the mixed reality that is leading its way.

Mixed Reality for Design and Collaboration

From a design and collaboration concern, the mixed reality is a technology that helps in bridging the gap in current industrial processes. The use of this technology is making the industry more dynamic, efficient and collaborative. In the present scenario, the industrial clients want to innovate and implement new technologies and techniques (such as BIM for the construction industry), and yes, many limitations are holding them back for such implementation.

Any solution?

Yes, HoloMeeting!

The technology that will support and allow the industries to cleverly use mixed reality technology as a support tool for existing processes and increase the adoption of Hololens for commercial purpose.

The AEC  industry is a prime audience that will undoubtedly get benefit from HoloMeeting. Let’s explore what it is exactly.

Introduction to HoloMeeting

The construction industry is emerging with lots of innovations and introduction of new technologies. Digital transformation is something that is a long and painful process in construction. Even with BIM implementation, it is necessary for all the stakeholders to be on board with the same file types and at the same location.

To avoid this, here comes HoloMeeting!

With the support of over 60 various file types, HoloMeeting is becoming an ultimate industry concept with numerous assets able to be ported into holographic work spaces, including BIM assets like Revit as well as support for other 3D file types too. Also, there is also support for 2D file types such as PDF documents. This means that meetings can be held efficiently without users to be in the same room and with all information from both 2D as well as 3D assets available to move forward.

Working of HoloMeeting

HoloMeeting is a remote collaboration tool using Microsoft HoloLens which can easily handle the on-job maintenance as well as communication work in efficient way.

Holomeeting can immediately connect all stakeholders across the building and design system. It enhances the fluidity in working which boosts efficiency increasing the transparency across the complete building process.

HoloMeeting allows no organizing of meetings months before for international teams. Whereas, it brings together everyone in the same space straight away.

HoloMeeting does not serve as a replacement for current practices whereas, it supports them to make more efficient and enriching to boost the productivity as well as quality.

Role of HoloMeeting In the Construction industry

The HoloLens is a technology exclusively  introduce for the construction sector. It is all set to resolve the bothersome issues of inefficiency industry suffers from. As of now, HoloMeeting is set to become a crucial part of a digital transformation in construction. It acts a bridge within this transformation, adding value across a range of verticals. HoloMeeting can efficiently used for board meetings as it can assist field engineers with their repairs. It is a collaborative tool to use within a broad range and not to replace anything.


Where collaborative design is concerned, the application is already in the phase where there is a need for promotion of collaboration. With the use of HoloMeeting, Designers, architects, and engineers now do not have to live in HoloLens, whereas, they can directly jump into design meetings whenever they want and even can pick up where they left off.

HoloMeeting is exclusively for those who live as well as breathe BIM every day.  And yes, It is emerging as a beneficial addition towards the digital construction.




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