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Quite often AEC professionals say, “why utilize BIM tools like Revit MEP?” “Our solutions do not require BIM software, and none of our project stakeholders use it.” How would Revit help us differently?”

Well! There’s a myriad of capabilities Revit MEP offers within the realm of BIM processes or outside them. Your project partners do not have to be BIM proficient to use Revit.

We have defined the top 10 reasons why BIM software is so important for users who utilize CAD-based tools or need to switch from legacy tools to Revit BIM.

These advantages directly translate into higher design accuracy, lower risks, greater productivity, improved schedule management, and significant cost reduction.

The top 10 reasons why BIM tools like Revit MEP need to be used.

  • Rather easy-to-use BIM software
  • BIM tools to achieve detailed design
  • Extensive library of MEP components for parametric use
  • Precise component quantification
  • Enhanced capability for Revit files to navigate within Navisworks
  • Design metadata infused within building components
  • Quick updates of views when modifications are made within model elements
  • Global file output to 2D .DWG for quick access to multiple project partners
  • 3D models ready to fabricate building components
  • Coordinate multiple tasks or activities on a single 3D model (single source of truth)


BIM software like Revit MEP has simplified planning, design, and construction with capabilities like no other BIM tool. The ability to integrate automation with tools like Dynamo has reduced 3D modeling time, and ushered in higher accuracy, and greater data reliability. Exploring the technical spectacle of Revit MEP has driven a series of opportunities for every team at multiple project stages. BIM Engineering US, L.L.C. is an end-to-end BIM service provider that supports modern-day design, construction, and facilities management with BIM software to deliver high impact. Call our sales team, so that we can help you add high project effectiveness and efficiency for every project lifecycle.

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