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Rethink cost estimation with core processes that drive 5D BIM

With the adoption of Level 3 BIM, cost estimation can be adopted through 5D. This is possible by linking the 3D model to an estimation…

  •   By bimengus

  •   September 17, 2020

Top 8 Technologies for Construction Risk Management.

Any business comes with its fair share of risks, but controlling risks in construction is at a different level. The reason being, there‚Äôs a myriad…

  •   By bimengus

  •   September 9, 2020

Drone Technology In Construction

How Does Drone Technology Prove Beneficial In Construction Industry?

Understanding The Use Of Drone Technology In Construction The booming adoption of BIM technology and increasing demand for digital data is gearing up in the…

  •   By bimengus

  •   April 8, 2018