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  •   July 6, 2021

Top 5 benefits of deploying construction management software for your next project.

Fulfilling the role of a project manager may require taking responsibility for various activities including scheduling, budgets, material inventory, site monitoring, etc. The ability to achieve winning outcomes depends on the skills and experience of a project manager. Yet, for complex and large-scale projects, these aren’t enough and require tangible software-driven solutions to streamline construction project management. Easy-to-use tools from iFieldSmart Technologies enable project managers to seamlessly connect the complete process and reduce construction management complexities. This saves time and costs around the job site.

What is construction management?

Construction management is a term that requires project managers to perform and coordinate various construction tasks and oversee the responsibility of other teams and employees. Construction managers need to handle the following responsibilities including:

  • Planning the purview of the project
  • Making a schedule, material, and cost estimate
  • Managing project expenses
  • Determining the right set of processes and materials
  • Stakeholder communication and collaboration
  • Controlling project issues that may arise
  • Building safety and risk management plans
  • Assigning tasks to various teams
  • Creating project tasks and reports
  • Tracking project progress and make adjustments

What is a Construction Project Management tool or software?

Construction management software is a tool that helps construction or project managers create, manage, and share data, and streamline workflows. Construction management tools enable project managers and contractors to standardize, ideate, accomplish and evaluate projects.

Why should contractors and project managers use construction management software for their next project?

There is a myriad of reasons contractors and construction project managers can leverage greater productivity and efficiency with construction management tools.

  • Manage and monitor project budget
  • Seamlessly collaborate with key project stakeholders
  • Track project status and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Store, access, and share project contracts and necessary documents
  • Schedule and monitor timetables
  • Collaborate with various trades via. Video conferencing software

Construction management software is a cost and time-saving solution for project managers and contractors to oversee projects from any sector and any size.

A quick snapshot of the top 5 advantages of Construction Management Software.

If you’re a contractor or project manager considering an easy-to-deploy, efficient, and cost-effective construction management solution, then iFieldSmart Technologies is the right platform to achieve all your software requirements.

Communication & Collaboration.

Track the current status of your project and receive project updates in real-time from various trades. Quick and effective communication reduces the cost and time to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Documentation.

A powerful construction management tool helps contractors and project managers store, access, and share documents on the cloud. This eliminates the need to work on manual paperwork that can get damaged or lost in time. It also removes the need to use a lot of paper to create copies. The presence of digital files improves data security. It also provides contractors and project managers the tools to create and communicate legal documentation and contracts.

Improved Management.

If you’re a project manager in charge of multiple projects or activities, then construction management software can help enhance productivity and efficiency.

Assigning tasks to various individuals and teams can help project managers track project progress and keep things on schedule and budget. Detailed reports or change requests can be generated and submitted to streamline workflows as per project progress. Making information transparent and available to various individuals and teams helps augment the work site effectiveness and efficiency. Risk assessments in the early stage can help save on costly rework and errors, and mitigate project delays. Predefined safety guidelines in construction management software can help minimize worksite risks, bottlenecks, and setbacks.

Streamlined Organization.

One of the prime benefits of construction project management software is the seamless organization of various activities and people. With straightforward processes in place, contractors and project managers can organize and move data and people based on project and client requirements. Organized or streamlined data can include schedules, budgets, expenses, contract documents, site specifications, building codes, etc.    

Tracking Budget.

Time is an extremely valuable parameter that needs to be monitored regularly. Construction management software enables key stakeholders to save project time through integrated features that include payment monitoring and payroll management. Monitoring tasks daily helps mitigate costly issues before they arise, and also keeps track of planned budget vs present budget.


Whether you are a project manager or contractor, the presence of construction management software can augment your onsite presence. Your project management time, costs, and effectiveness can be significantly improved by deploying construction management software. See what a construction project management software looks like, and what iFieldSmart Technologies can do for your existing or future projects.

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