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  •   March 28, 2018

5 Exemplary Smart and Intelligent Buildings around the World

Know the evolution of the various smart buildings with high-end technology

With the improvement in technology, we have noticed a consequent rise in the utilization of smart devices. We even saw the tremendous strength of IoT platforms. These platforms got upgraded to an entirely new level due to the increase of smart buildings all over the world. Today, the engineers, urban planners, designers, and architects have accepted the challenge to build 3D cities and smart buildings. But, the condition includes that those are environment-friendly and furnished with extra unique features. Such intelligent buildings available around the world are latest examples of a bizarre blend- eco-friendly and smart. There are called intelligent buildings because they have room temperature adjustment, high-security systems and are ultra lavish.

Below are the five most creative and intelligent buildings from various parts of the globe.

1. The Gates’ Home at Washington

The Gates’ Home is one of the most famous smart buildings in the world. The home has a computerized system which remembers preferences. It consists of highly optimized sensors which change the preferences as per the family members or visitors. For example, it modifies the temperature plus lighting system and music of the whole house as per the set preferences. Every room has this facility. It is an earth-sheltered structure that utilizes natural surroundings to lessen the heat loss. 

2. The Capital Tower of Singapore

You can perhaps consider this building as the earliest smart building having the latest technology in the world. This smart building has total integration with IBMS which provides various modern amenities. The Capital Tower has real-time status showing car parking system with built-in artificial intelligence. The tower lifts have dual LCD/LED panels which help people to see the real-time news. Eco-friendly sustainable systems also equip the tower.

3. The New York Times

This is the first and the foremost smart building with the feature of a giant curtain wall, also having sunscreen made of ceramic. It got built in the U.S. in 2007. This sunscreen curtain consists of several iron glass ceramic tubes that are capable of changing color and producing light’s reflections. Therefore, it aids in saving energy throughout the day.

4. The Edge at Amsterdam

Now, people consider this building as the greenest buildings in the world. One reason associated with it is the highest sustainability level and eco-friendliness. Why so, because it has habitats for beehives and bats in the outer region of the building. Further, it also incorporates an inventive lighting system. The most eye-catchy feature of this structure is the security robot which keeps running errands for the whole day.

5. T3 Terminal of Beijing Airport

The Beijing international airport ranks on top when we consider the most advanced constructions in the world. Terminal 3 of the airport owns ten workstations and 25 thousand monitors. All this setup is for ensuring high-class safety and environment -friendly utilization of resources. Therefore, all the ten workstations in the terminal administer the air flow and heating system (HVAC).


As a result, the gen-next smart buildings don’t only incorporate new-brand techniques to optimize satisfaction and productivity. But, they also mainly share information about their day-to-day achievement. Hence, this system is for sharing natural energy and other resources with the other infrastructure and buildings.

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