•   By bimengus
  •   October 11, 2022

Top benefits that make Bluebeam a preferred tool for major construction projects.

Bluebeam Revu has a plethora of functionalities that surpass other competitive software. It is easy to use and renders greater functionality for users. Revu, with its interactive and easy-to-use interface, allows greater collaboration between various stakeholders or colleagues. There are versions of Revu viz. CAD, Extreme, and Standard. It is popular software used by various construction professionals in the world of BIM. In the construction world, it helps engineers scale various drawings, create markups, enable digital signing of documents, and overlay various documents or drawings as well.

5 of the most common features or benefits are listed below

A fully customized interface

Optimize your interface with default profiles that are built for various workflows. With various tools being displayed at a single time, the interface can be customized to a look and feel that you desire, whilst hiding certain tools that you don’t want to use.  Users also can save profiles to use or share with team members as required.

Creating a markup list

Create notes for a certain document with the help of markups. Bluebeam Revu gives you the flexibility to track these markups as a spreadsheet, which you can then sort and filter. With markups, custom columns with drop-downs or formula options can be created. These can be used to perform material take-offs for BIM in the construction sector.

Document Comparison

Whilst working on various drawings or documents, it can become extremely daunting to know the latest revised versions. Bluebeam provides two genius ways of comparing documents– overlaying documents and comparing documents.  The overlay documents feature uses color-coded comparison, whilst compare documents use a pixel-by-pixel comparison that determines the differences between various versions.

Symbol Search

Bluebeam Revu provides users with the functionality of searching for symbols in the drawing. These symbols can be located even if their orientation is different, possess a different color, etc. Once the results have been generated they can be highlighted, hyperlinked, etc. This is again very useful to create a quantity take-off.

Batch Linking

This feature can be found in Revu Extreme wherein bulk hyperlinks can be created using file names, labels, or regions. Hyperlinks help project stakeholders with documents for quick navigation; this is helpful for larger data sets.

The benefits of a better interface usually provide –

Enhanced Collaboration – Revu can be used to view various parts of a project, and changes can be better used for team meetings.

Enhanced Functionality – With Bluebeam Revu, designs can be edited and viewed on the screen together, the tools can be used to take snapshots of specific points, and these can be sent for review.

Enhanced Communication – Remote users can join the meeting, and stay informed based on smart interactive displays that can be accessed on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 


Construction or BIM professionals can benefit from Bluebeam. All the above-mentioned reasons make Revu popular software amongst construction professionals. Another fact that separates Revu from other software is the cost, and it is quite compatible with various OS versions as well.

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