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Overall project planning needs to be done in terms of thought, deeper insights, and improved collaboration.  This needs to be understood by various project participants and team members. A good foundation of a project is set when a clear and big picture is understood for expectations, concept size, building materials, and more. The BIM preconstruction services begin with the end in mind. Owners and stakeholders have a vision in mind to achieve exceptional results upon project completion. Your project is setup for complete success when pre-construction is integrated in the early design phase.

Do you need Pre-construction Services?

The pre construction process is extremely valuable for bigger projects. To get this done in Building Information Modeling(BIM), a contractor needs to be hired early on in the process to analyze the project from an efficient and productive perspective. Players involved in this phase are generally owners, contractors, engineers, and architects that identify various systems and structural nuances. These analyses are further passed on to architects for designing around present or approved conditions, this helps save time and cost later in various BIM construction life-cycles. Construction estimators are employed to play a larger role in this process.  They need to define a scope, checking for alternative material inventory, managing the intent of the owner and designer for them to be on the same page. For a budget-driven project, it is highly vital for contractors to adapt to any condition or role in the project. It could be Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management at Risk, Design-build, or Construction Management.

Leverage high accuracy quantity take-off and modeling

With preconstruction services,  engineers can quantify various information details to carve out precise Quantity Take-Offs and reduce material waste through cutting-edge technology and 3D Revit Design software. Automated takeoff calculators are also used to roll out accurate numbers and estimations for efficient project delivery. Costing or budgets are produced on the basis of schematics and engineering assessments. A bid document is prepared on the basis of construction documents and finalized designs.

Preconstruction Services – BIM can be what you want it to be

The pre construction services scope goes beyond defining project parameters. Individuals or professionals responsible for preconstruction engage team members at all levels for efficient and successful completion of projects. A preconstruction services estimator needs to have the necessary skills to carry out estimation responsibilities. Computer skills like Outlook, Excel, MEP, Revit, Navisworks, and more. The ability of a preconstruction manager to handle multiple projects efficiently. The pre construction services list includes –

  • RFQ and RFP
  • Presentation Models
  • Execution plans for BIM
  • Precise Take Off and Analysis
  • Clash Detection Reviews
  • 4D sequencing
  • Project Accounting
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Review
  • Document Review
  • Cash Flow Projections

Can clients guarantee cost profits with Preconstruction services?

The cost of pre construction is usually below 5% of the Total Installed Cost (TIC) of the project. This depends on the intricacies of the project, and the amount of work required to meet the targets of the preconstruction process. Every company strives to optimize their preconstruction services through efficient designs, precise documentation reviews, cash flow projections, and more. This makes it easier for companies to offer guaranteed costs and better Return on Investment(ROI) in the future.

Closing Wisdom

Clients with new projects require insights on how their projects are going to unfold in the future. To get there, clients need to adopt preconstruction services early on into their project development list of to-do’s. Integrating this service improves decision making, and makes a project sustainable and efficient overtime.  To Know more about other services Click Here.

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