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  •   April 16, 2018

Quantity Take-offs: A Beneficial Estimation tool for Construction Industry

What is Quantity Take-offs?

Quantity take-offs (QTO) are an in-depth construction estimation of materials and labor required to complete a construction project. An expert develops these estimations throughout the pre-construction section. These measurements are a usual format of a bid on the scope of construction. Estimators review the drawings, specifications, and models to search out these quantities. Tough estimators have developed procedures to assist them in quantifying their work. Several programs are designed to help within the affectivity of those processes.

Quantity Take-offs is that the most tedious and lengthy a part of the lump-sum estimating method. The estimators perform an in-depth search of the estimations required to calculate the varying quantities which used for valuation in a very later section of the estimating process.

Source: Lynda.com (Quantity Take-offs)
Source: Lynda.com (Quantity Take-offs)

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Merits of Quantity Take-offs

  • Speed: Quantity Take-off programs turn out correct results 50% quicker than ancient manual strategies. This enables you to urge your info before of your consumer previous your competition.
  • Savings: Quantity Take-offs forestall costly errors created by inexperienced workers or manual estimating. It also helps in saving the cost of buying expensive software.
  • Conceptual estimating: Quantity Take-offs provide a worth, based mostly alone on preliminary plans, for you to gift. Get a money commitment with the least quantity of knowledge. The strategies are way more correct than manual budgeting strategies.
  • Assured accuracy: The final price estimates are an all-time This guarantees that your project can keep your budget.
  • File sharing: The 3D, 4D or 5D BIM models enables to measure space and distance with pinpoint accuracy. The construction take-offs allows sharing files with everybody concerned so that any changes are apparent to all or any.
  • Importing to MS Excel: The estimators extract the required quantities from your BIM and import them into surpass. This allows you to send the bills of fabric to your sources for valuation. You can then add this to the construction estimate for an appropriate proposal.


BIM may be a powerful tool in the design and construction fields. Regarding construction estimating, the sheer advantage of getting all quantity take-offs completed in one click saves the corporations a significant amount of cash relating to labor prices. Instead of underpayment one or fortnight to perform a full construction take-off, a takeoff is completed very quickly. BIM models conjointly enable the analyst to examine the precise scope of the project a lot of accurately.

However, the standard and careful of the look and drawings determine the amount embarked on mistreatment of BIM.

If the BIM style is lacking intimately, then the quantities embarked on by quantity take-off would be smallest.

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