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Technological innovations are spreading its root in all the sectors. Similarly, construction world is experiencing happening things with each passing day. The year 2017 was extravagant for innovative construction trends to witness. If you are from architecture, engineering, or construction background the opportunities are excellent that something new is approaching in the market. It will soon enhance the quality, safety, efficiency as well as profitability of your projects.

Let’s watch out innovative construction trends touching the floor in 2018.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality finally found its space in the construction world and successfully made its way out of the gaming industry. The technology enables you to discover 3D models which are especially suitable for performing project presentations in front of customers. The 4D virtual reality models allow to fully immerse owners and other stakeholders during the planning and design stages so they can review the design and clear the flaws before the actual construction. Virtual Reality helps in creating a computerized scenario with real-life simulation.

While the VR technology has been the realm only of few cutting-edge organizations, it is now becoming the mainstream and in demand for many construction owners. 4D virtual reality allows construction organization to plan every aspect of a construction project. It also helps in improving safety to efficiency as well as delivering a quality product.

Augmented Reality marks its presence in innovative construction trends

While virtual reality allows users to walk-through 3D and a 4D model environment without moving their feet, Augmented, Reality enables the user to walk through the real 3D situation on their own. In AR the users see as well as interact with the real world with the help of digital content added to it. The most vivid example of Augmented reality is Pokemon Go where millions of people all over the globe are rushing with their Smartphone in search of tiny virtual creatures.

There is a different way to experience augmented reality through our Smartphone’s with the help of individual AR headsets, such as Google Glass.

We predict that many latest augmented reality applications will approach in 2018 benefiting the construction industry to its fullest.

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Wearable Technology: Incredible innovation in the construction industry

The wearable technology is yet another innovation in construction approaching at a rapid speed. A construction site is never a safe place for its workers. But yes, now it is going to get safer with the introduction of wearable technology. The masterminds are inventing wearable’s that can easily track the workers on the job-site. They can also alert them in real-time if any mishap occurs such as when someone is slipped, or fallen from a height so that they can get help right away.

The progress in wearable technology seems booming, and this area is worth to watch in future.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The introduction of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is rapidly redefining the whole concept of workflow in the construction industry. The AI and machine learning technologies are allowing construction companies to execute more efficiently and safely, increase automation and minimize the downtime.

Construction organizations are looking to streamline and advance their operations through AI-powered solutions and programs. These organizations will soon reap immediate benefits like automated monitoring for heavy machinery as well as real-time location tracking for site materials.


Prefabrication is an innovation in itself. The construction industry is making use of prefabrication in various applications. However, the modern technologies are making benefits of prefabrication easier to access as well as transforming the way the construction industry implements prefab into the process.

It is for sure that companies who take advantages of latest innovative construction technologies to streamline and enhance their use of prefabrication will undoubtedly gain competitive advantages in coming future.

Connected Job Sites

Construction industry significantly faces the delays in work because of disconnected communication between the job-site, designers, and engineers. A disconnected job site can indeed burn up your profits.

Fortunately, job-site connectivity is catching the speed in the construction industry. With the connected job site, every member, right from designer, architect, contractor as well as the job-site worker has access to little drawings and documents. They also hold the ability to file RFIs and issues in their hands. Job-site connectivity allows immediate access to everything that is happening on the actual construction site.

Communication around RFIs and job-site issues are minimized from days or weeks to mere hours. Mistakes due to miscommunication are significantly reduced thus, decreasing the rework. The companies who are adopting such modern technologies will thrive shortly.

To Conclude

The construction industry is moving towards new future with the help of innovative construction technologies. What’s your take on upcoming construction trends? Which of these technologies will become the mainstream in the construction sector?

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