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The key for facilities management (FM/3D BIM model) is about the power of storing information. It concerns about assets and several locations. 3D laser scanner will give each of these answers. But, ancient workflows for getting these results are often time intensive and pricey.

This article intends to discuss various workflows that may enable the North American nation to get sensible results for FM functions at a lower price.

When most of the people suppose 3D laser scanner as FM (3D BIM model), they sometimes consider the standard outline associated with it.

The standard workflow sometimes includes:

  • 3D scanning services survey;
  • Point cloud information analysis;
  • 3D Laser scanner’s registration process;
  • Creation of 3D BIM as-built models, with any available software package tools (e.g., Autodesk Revit, Leica Cyclone, etc.);
  • Populate 3D model with relevant info which will be used for FM (3D BIM model);
  • Export the 3D BIM model into facilities management software package (e.g., EcoDomus). Tie it to a processed maintenance management system (CMMS) information.

The cost of this whole method is often high, each in worth as in time. The first punishing task on this technique being the creation of as-built 3D BIM models from 3D laser scans.  This activity needs skilled modelers and should take an enormous quantity of your time to do 3D laser scanning (depending on the dimensions of the project).

However, the best prices for a facility come from operations and maintenance costs throughout its life cycle. It doesn’t come throughout the look and construction phases. Considering this fact, this investment of 3D laser scanners will encourage being helpful for each house owners and facilities managers.

Tracking the Development

With the recent development in 3D laser scanning, we tend to measure the ready to collect ‘point cloud’  as image deception. An equivalent instrumentation to 3D laser scanner in a very short timeframe can aim for higher distances (e.g., Leica ScanStation P40 as a spread up to 270m and may acquire each scan and image).

This 3D laser scanning technology allows the North American nation to form colored point clouds with superb resolutions. The information collected from 3D laser scanner will then be utilized in a unique variety of how to follow the process.

The major things to manage are the assets of associate degree owner. The things to manage for the facilities manager would be, to efficiently use the processed, colored ‘point cloud’ information (product of the 3D laser scanning).

The details created out there through a 3D laser viewer (e.g., Leica’s TrueView). TrueView permits for a 3D viewing of the scanned space as if the person was truly there. Whether or not that person is associate degree owner, architect, maintenance person or a planner.

The Usage in Facilities Management

The 3D laser scanner may also take dimensions and tag assets whereas navigating through many scans worns out the power. But, it additionally has the ability to spot precisely the coordinates for every quality.

The quality tagging may also embody the linkage to associate degree’s existing/new facilities management information. 3D BIM model information incorporates relevant info.

EcoDomus facilities management software package integrates Leica’s TrueView in their platform which may provide further uses for the information.

The use of those tools will avoid (or delay) the requirement of making the as-built model for the power. However it will still provide relevant info at a lower price.

Finally, if in the future there’s a requirement (or resources available) to form associate degree as-built 3D BIM model, the ‘point cloud’ information which was antecedently accepted may also be used.

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